Everyone deserves mental health care. We are the non-profit making that possible.

RAD is on a mission to make mental health care accessible to everyone, everywhere

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RAD helps people find their perfect therapist and start healing.

Finding a therapist can be tough- especially when you're not feeling well. We'll work together to find a therapist and get you feeling rad.

For those unable to afford mental health care we cover the cost.

Unlimited sessions with fully licensed and vetted mental health professionals, entirely covered by donations.

Universal mental health care.

The best way to summarize RAD is simply, "we are a universal mental health care system." We help people regardless of health insurance or budget, because everyone deserves mental health care.

40k people helped

135 countries reached

97% success rate

$10m total spent

You can be the reason someone starts therapy

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Thank you so much for this amazing stream! I cannot put into words how thankful I am for all your support and the love from my community. we also managed to completely smash the donation goal for @youarerad!!!

Today was one of the best days of my life! We raised $57,000 For RAD today in less than 4 hours. I LOVE MY COMMUNITY SO MUCH 馃コ

Im doing my first Charity stream today! All Donation proceeds go to a mental health cause: Rise Above the Disorder!!

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shout out to @YouAreRAD for helping my family, friends, and myself for doing all the heavy lifting when finding us therapists. If you are also intimidated to get help like I was, consider checking out RAD 馃槆

I'm thankful for @YouAreRAD, which has helped me return to going to therapy on a weekly basis and helps pay for a number of the expenses related to my mental health needs.

We're excited to announce our partnership with @YouAreRAD! Mental health awareness has always been of utmost importance for us, and with RAD, we can't wait to continue this education for our clients, employees, and the entire virtual creator space.