Someone will start therapy today.
You make that possible

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Membership starts at just $1 per day!

Give monthly. Provide therapy to thousands.

For more than 10 years, our guild has come together to make mental health care free for those in need. We are casual players, content creators, music artists, and friends.

How Donations Help

You make healing possible.

Your donation removes one of the greatest barriers to mental health care: affordability. When you donate, you cover the cost of someone's medication or therapy session. You make healing possible.

August donors to Rise Above The Disorder being celebrated for the amount of therapy sessions they made possible.
Your Donation

100% of your donation goes to mental health care.

We believe so strongly in the idea that your donation- every cent of it, should help someone in our community. Someone on your friend list, someone you queued up against, someone in the same Discord. Thanks to our partners, our operations are covered and your donation can have the most impact.

Jagex, makers of Runescape, support Rise Above The Disorder.
Electronic Arts supports Rise Above The Disorder. supports Rise Above The Disorder.
Columbia Records supports Rise Above The Disorder.