We believe

People can be helped&
The system can be changed&
You deserve to feel rad

Pencil sketch of a video game character walking down a somber path. High mountain walls surround them.
Our Story

We're on a quest to change mental health care .

Overwhelmed with their mental health and unable to leave home, our founder hoped to help just one person before leaving this world. Their quest began in the only world they felt they still existed in- The World of Warcraft.

Pencil sketch of a video game character walking down a somber path. High mountain walls surround them.

Accepting the quest to save one life, Jason set off in the only world he could- The World Of Warcraft.

Every dungeon and every battleground, they welcomed anyone having thoughts of self-harm to reach out. Nights were filled with long talks about life and hardship, while each day recruited members interested in helping. Although our founder intended to help just one person, so long as there were others in need, their quest continued.

Two potions sit empty, with coins scattered around them..

Talking together kept pain at bay, but the need for professional help became clear.

Now joined by many others, our founder and the guild spoke with people all over the world. Their conversations brought warmth and shared hope, but therapy promised even more. Helping people find a therapist and begin the healing process became a core part of the guild. However, for those unable to afford therapy,

Two potions sit empty, with coins scattered around them..

Changing mental health care became their end-game. The cost of therapy was a new raid.

Desperate to make therapy available to everyone in need, the guild settled on a wild idea: they would sell in-game services to pay for therapy. All of their time spent playing games made for little money personally, but a great deal of skill and game knowledge. Those looking to trade dollars for access to powerful items would fuel the mental health care of many.

Two potions sit empty, with coins scattered around them..

One gamer's attempt to save a life had grown into a something no one could have ever imagined.

Word of Anxiety Gaming spread quickly with the rise of Twitch.tv; eventually reaching Trick2G,- the largest Twitch.tv partner at the time. He believed in the ability of gamers to unite and overcome any challenge in the world. Many of his viewers agreed, including legendary rock band Imagine Dragons. On March 21st, 2016, Trick2G, Dyrus, Wildturtle, NightBlue3, FaZe Jev, SirchEz, and Imagine Dragons came together to fundraise for our cause.

Our Team

Mental health champions, pretty rad people.

Speakers to the World Health Organization, consultents to the United Nations, we are the group of gamers changing mental health care.

  • Jason Docton

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Meaghan Highwood

    Clinical Director

  • Brian Tran

    Director of Operations

  • Courtney Thornton

    Clinical Social Worker II

  • Jenell Paraiso

    Graphic Designer

  • Erin Glasscott

    Social Work Lead

  • Denisha Hedgebeth

    Seasonal Social

  • Brookanne Gerber

    Clinical Social Worker II

  • Aubrey Elmer

    Clinical Social Worker II

  • Parker Billings

    Communications Lead

  • Renn Criswell

    Clinical Social Work I

  • Jenny Hogan

    Clinical Social Work I

  • Bella Blumenschein

    Social Work Assistant

Our board

Heroes in-game and IRL.

  • Dogs love George and so do we!

    George "HotshotGG" Georgallidis

    Founder, Counter Logic Gaming

    Hailed as the greatest Nidalee player of all time, George is a long-time supporter of RAD. His deep knowledge of the gaming industry and experience directly shaping the world of esports helps inform our outreach.

  • Dogs love George and so do we!

    Allison Rothman

    Founding Partner, Morrison Rothman

    Player rights crusader, intellectual property mavin, and voted one of Business Insider's most influential women in gaming. Allison safeguards the RAD team and influences our patient advocacy work.

Our numbers

Radical kindness. Radical transparency.