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The Process

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Step 1: The Form

We're here to help. Tell us what you're experiencing.

The intake form is a place for you to share more about how you're feeling. There is one form for both those seeking support finding a great therapist in budget or on their healthcare plan, and those seeking the same but presently without the means to afford therapy.

ok. if you are seeking help but don't want to go from therapist to therapist trying to find the right one... go through @YouAreRAD I found my current therapist through them and honestly I could not be happier? This therapist actually listens and gets me. We CLICKED. thats HUGE.
4:35 PM · Jul 27, 2021
Step 2: Your Social Worker

The path forward can seem unclear. Let's map it out together.

Everyone's journey is unique- that's why our social workers like to work with you directly to best understand how we can help. We'll explore therapy and discuss any other resources that could be useful.

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