Join a global team of mental health champions.

Life At RADA work environment focused on your mental health

Engage with a purpose driven team or enjoy working solo. Work when you're inspired or rest when you're not. We believe the ideal work environment comes from putting the mental health of our team first.

I've never worked at a company that was transparent about their employee's wages and team diversity on the actual company website. Also never worked at a company that raised wages due to the ongoing inflated prices in America currently. Somehow @YouAreRAD did both of that 🥰

The founder of RAD, @JasonDocton, may be one of the most genuine and caring humans I've had the pleasure to meet in my entire life. I couldn't be more excited to spend some of my tweetTime helping him and the team get mental health prioritization to the forefront of our culture <3

Team BenefitsBenefits that empower you to live your best life


Matching 401k with an additional 3% of total salary added as a bonus each year.

Work Remote

Work from the comfort of your home or from our office in the heart of Los Angeles.

Health Insurance

Platinum plans with full coverage for your physical and mental health.

Caregiver Leave

New parents receive 14 months of paid leave and continued access to all benefits.

Paid Time Off

Vacations, family matters, voting, protests, and mental health days are all welcome.

Continued Learning

Regular workshops and training from experts across healthcare, business, and policy.